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I have pretty horrendous brain fog, low energy and other troubling neurological issues right now myself. My T levels have been high 300s last two times I checked which kind of sucks for a 50 yr old man. I worry about dimentia but also life as a low energy guy with dizziness and weakness and just no vigor. I'm trying to diet and lose weight to make sure my blood sugar is under control but I'm not really fat per se. I'm 6' 2" 211lbs.

My pain is high up almost in my seat still. Sometimes I swear it's coming from my pelvic floor, sometimes my scar tissue in my scrotum near the base of my penis... I don't know what the deal is. I just know sitting makes it worse.

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I have another thought on the dizziness myself also, I know, like most, getting kicked in the nether regions brings extreme pain, but also dizziness. So I wonder if part of the problem for the small number impacted is also related to back pressure?

I treated the dizziness as a separate issue, and managed to get rid of most of it by seeing an ENT with a super specialism in balance. My diagnosis was nerve damage in the Labyrinth of the ear from the infection, but also silent balance migraines, the migraines were making the problem dynamic, so my brain could not adjust from the damage. Once I got the migraines under control, the overall balance problem quickly got better. I then went for a reversal and managed to get the pain issue resolved also. I still get slight brain fog, and occasional pain and balance issues, but it is all still hugely better. I kind of feel like an ass posting that, as I know my problems were really really terrible in the year where they were at their peak. I also find antihistamine can help, such as Loratadine, when I feel like I am getting a little dizzy/foggy. "50 things you can do today to manage migraines by Wendy Green" is a good book. Though it was a low dose beta blocker, propranolol, that brought mine under control along with migralieve tablets when needed.

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My major problems (since about 2-3 weeks post Vas) have been systemic. Chronic dizziness, stiff neck, anxiety, brain fog, memory issues, joint pain, and recently - heart palpitations, pressure in head/face, and other weird systemic and even neurological symptoms. I've yet to get diagnosed with anything, but I'm reluctant to go through the tangled web of western medicine...very little trust.

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My beginning was like many far as hormonal, ED, brain fog, night sweats, feeling like shit, etc etc. I was as new to all of this as the next guy, and when I got online and started reading, I found I was saying, and experiencing many of the same things as others.

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I was good for 8 years , then started develop pain for the next 4 , then got reversed after 12 years.Biggest mistake of my life.Get reveversed ASAP.

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It can't be healthy when your body is constantly attacking sperm floating around in the bloodstream.

diziness, fogginess, aches, pains I never had before. Constantly sick, like never getting over it. Those are more of my constant problems.
I'm just hoping the blood test reveal something cause this shit is getting old. at least then I can say to the doctors SEE!!! Clearly something is wrong. Cause I never had these problems before.

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I know most on here are simply in pain. I'm curious to know who else has had autoimmune or allergic type reactions since the vas?

I've personally had dizziness, fatigue, headaches, joint pain, cracking/popping back, etc. thanks.

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Have all that autoimmune shit like we have discussed before. Arthritis, muscle pain.. Inflammation. To the point they checked me for lupus. Blood test came back positive speckled but other inflammation markers were negative. very strange. Glad ultrasound shows the epy inflammation and Granuloma and varicocele or the Docs would think I'm a crazy liar. I'm not. My future is in the air until I can get this under control so I can get back to work. Just paid 2500 for a mri because the nerve pain, anxiety, brain fog , insomnia, pelvic pain was getting ridiculous. Doctors really need to think about vas procedures. don't mess with a guys nuts and hormones. We get really messed up.

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Fellas I have been going through all the same. Dec. 2014 i had a vas., I screwed me up in all ways. May 2016 a simple work/training move destroyed my neck/back pretty much whole upper body. Migraines and more. After multiple MRI's, PT, Specialists in different states all they can tell me is I might have arthritis, fibromyalgia, bulging discs. Nothings changed. I was out of work for 8 months. I had a reversal in Dec. 2015 that took care of most of my nut problems. But my body is still screwed. 31 years old. I have tried the autoimmune and anti-inflamatory diets with no luck. 
Any recommendations? I am sick of going to the doctor. I am about to start taking probiotics. 
Thanks and good luck guys.

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I agree with what Don says here.

I can totally relate to the initial post by Choohooo, and the input of others. I've experienced much weirdness post vas.

I feel that my immune system had a very strong response to the vasectomy. I would say things got crazy about a month into it. Somewhere around there is where I began experiencing major pain. It started before, and during sex. It went off the scale with an orgasm. I feel I leaked sperm that day. Maybe I blew out some of my epi, vas, sutures, don't know, cant say one way, or another. I was never the same past that day.

By week 6-8, The pain, numbness, weirdness was spreading through entire pelvic area, abdomen, legs. Pain in my left hip, traveling down the back of my left leg into my left knee, behind my left knee, and further down into my left calf for a while there. The pain in my left hip, and knee was so bad I was limping around work for several weeks.

By then, weird stuff like, common foods not tasting at all right. For the first time in my life, I felt that my hormones were all out of whack. I did not feel myself at all. I was 35 at that point. I was experiencing hot flashes, dizziness, could not concentrate well enough to do my job correctly at times. I'd been doing the same type of work for well over a decade. I can relate to the headaches to.

I had my first reversal at 4 months post vas. My recovery was quite painful, and rough. None of this stuff was crossing my minds path much at that point. If I noticed anything in the first 3-6 weeks after the first reversal, it was my energy levels, and sex drive trying to ramp up. I could feel it hormonally. I don't recall much autoimmune related stuff past that point. It wasn't long before my reversal was flying me south, and I thought the plane was still headed the right direction. Recovery's can leave you wondering, and guessing.

At this point, my sex drive was very low, where as prior to the vas, I was getting mine regularly since I was a teen. The vas crashed my sex drive early on in this mess. I mean CRASHED! That is physically, and mentally speaking.

Fast forward approximately 10+ months, and I had the re-do reversal. Now, this time, my initial recovery was very fast, A+. Energy was surging through my body within the first 1-2 weeks. I felt great. Hormonally speaking, I felt closest to my pre vas self more than any point post vas.

I did not have a bad reaction to either of my reversals. If sperm was spilled, or my body could just sense it, I did not notice anything either time far as a negative response like that goes. I only felt this back in the beginning. Looking back 6+ years now, that's where I felt the crappiest (weird stuff happening, hormonally, etc..).

Lots I could say, but on topic here, I had an intolerant immune system prior to the vas. Not really bad, never seen a doctor because of it, never thought much about it until I got caught up in this mess, but things like paint fumes, VOC's, spray on yourself bug repellants, common medications, and so on would do me wrong.

I have an elevated sense of smell, and it would be fair to say, an elevated sense of sound as well. Things absorbed through my skin might leave me feeling temporarily sick/ill. Things in the air, clog me up, I can taste it in my mouth, and lungs. This stuff happens to me, and people through out my life are looking at me like I'm nuts. Was never really allergic to many things. I never got sick much either. If I played in a haystack as a kid, I would get a very negative reaction on my skin, sinuses, and lungs, but never allergic to much tree/grass pollen at all.

I've had some pretty crazy stuff happen over the last 3-4 years now. Related to the vas, autoimmune topic? I cant help but think so, or at least wonder. I've came down with flu's, and sicknesses in a way/s that left me telling people I must have HIV 

I never used to get so sick. Always healed well, pulled out of sickness well. Cashed in my sick pay at work, etc.. as I would only miss a day, or two in a year. Post vas, post all this crap, I was sick w the flu for about 6 weeks about 4 years back. It happened several times that year. Even got me once in the summer. Last year, I got sick with what seemed to be the same cold/flu about 12-14 times over the winter. That's getting sick about every other week. There were serious pollutants, and contaminants in the air where I was working, but the others weren't getting sick like I was. I wasn't in a "new" line of work either.

Tree pollen, grass pollen, well, these things bother me more so than pre vas as well.

6+ years down the road, I'd say, my immune system is weaker in some ways, and stronger in others. My system/body is more intolerant of the things that bothered it pre vas. I feel I have became a bit sun/light intolerant during this time period. Hard to put it in a box and label it.

I eat well, supplement myself well, take care of myself well compared to most others I know, but I do compromise my system with contaminants such as, mt dew, smoking tobacco, and use cannabis. I did these things pre vas, and still do.

On topic, far as joint pain, autoimmune, etc.. Once again, in my case, 6 years later, I don't experience these symptoms on a comparable level as to way back in that first year when I had the vasectomy, but I do feel my system has been compromised. I've never been quite the same.

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Hi all,

37 year old newbie here. I'm about 2 years post vas at this point. Problems started about 7 months after surgery. Took me a long time to even associate with my vasectomy. Symptoms include testicle/inguinal pain on left side, feeling of buttock pain/pulled hamstring on left. Brain fog, vertigo, General stiffness achyness like never before (arthritic), low back pain, neck pain, depression and anxiety. Can't really sit for more than 30 min without getting bad buttock/low back pain. Life feels bad, some days I'm just sad/angry for no reason, never had depressive issues prior. Used to be highly active. Running, swimming working out 5-6 times a week, went from being in the best shape of my life to doing almost nothing. Activity seems to make my symptoms much worse. I originally thought something odd happened when I started eating paleo and got severely light headed and weak. Stopped paleo and the symptoms never really abated. Went for tons of bloodwork, ultrasounds, MRIs, X-rays, acupuncture, chiropractic, pelvic floor therapy. Nothing has really helped. I'm at the point where I'm seriously considering reversal. Before I go back under the knife though are there other things I should consider trying? I'll seriously do anything at this point, haven't felt like myself in over a year.


My experience of the autoimmune pain is that there is a feeling of pressure and fullness, and inflammatory pain in the scrotal area.  The nerve pain is sharper and extends up into my groin, often aching, and often manifesting as tearing sensation when I walk.  Also, the nerve pain tends to get worse throughout the day as I move about, while the autoimmune related pain seems to comes and go for no good reason, also accompanied by flu-like whole body aching.